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Our Approach

2 Key Models

We transform intercultural research and frameworks into practical, actionable strategies for our clients. 

We achieve this by using two models.

The ECOLE © Model

Cultural preferences in a business context can be a vast topic. The ECOLE model focusses on the 5 areas most crucial for successful business relationships:

E  - Expectations for the business relationship: e.g. business attitudes and values

C  - Communication styles: e.g. formal or informal, direct or indirect

O - Organisation styles: e.g. scheduled or flexible with time

L  - Leadership preferences: e.g. egalitarian or hierarchical

E  - Etiquette : e.g. do's & don'ts to avoid giving offence

These dimensions provide you with the following tools:

Practical overview of the key cultural aspects relevant to your business.

Measurable insights about the cultural differences your business faces.

Focussed strategies to overcome cross-cultural barriers holding you back.

The RADAR © Model

As an international business person, it is important to know your own business style in order to compare it with the people you deal with. Our profiling tools  enable you to chart your own business style to map it against the styles of other individuals or international markets you are dealing with. It is the first step in operating successfully across cultures by creating cultural awareness.

Big differences in business styles are likely to lead to tensions and issues. The RADAR Framework helps you to adapt your strategies in order to overcome these differences successfully.

R - Recognise the issue in business caused by different cultural styles

A - Analyse the difference in styles paying close attention to what motivations and mutual perceptions

D - Decide which 20% change in your behaviour will achieve an 80% change in attitude

A - Act spell out your action plan and implement it

R - Review the outcome from your new strategy and revise actions if necessary

The RADAR Framework leads you to understand the mutual perception of culturally diverse groups. You will generate culturally-sensitive awareness  and intercultural strategies to operate successfully in an international environment.

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