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Our Values

Inspired by our founder’s own corporate experience, our training is geared towards the high-calibre user’s mindset.
This means using a data-based approach, demonstrating a clear link between cultural competence and business performance and addressing cross-cultural situations near to the client's professional context.

Evidence Based

Most of our clients use supporting facts and numbers to drive their daily actions. In addition to using interactive tools such as role plays, group discussions and case studies, we also create engagement with empirical data and scientific facts to satisfy our participants’ most critical minds. 

Performance Link

Business performance and profitability are concerns for our clients’ day-to-day lives. In our training, we emphasise the link between cross-cultural competence (or failings) and performance.

Effecting Change

Providing awareness and exposure is not enough. We aim for repeated personalised intervention to transform classroom-based knowledge into real-life practice and acquisition of cross-cultural skills.

Continued Excellence

We partner with established providers and practitioners to leverage their know-how and experience. We seek feedback from clients and participants throughout the training process, not just at the end, to constantly improve and provide the best customer experience.

Thought Leadership 

Being familiar with foreign business etiquette and cultural briefings for expatriates is important, but we recognise that culture pervades many other layers of an organisation. We are currently researching the cultural impact on international marketing, cross-border negotiations and multi-national business strategy.
Email us at to enquire about our pilot schemes.

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