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Selling to the British

Who is it for?
 Anyone who wants to increase their sales with the UK. For example:
  • Expatriates living and working in the UK
  • Organisations exporting to the UK from abroad
  • Companies opening a new branch in the UK
 Discover key features of British sales and the British approach to business.
 Learn how to:
  • Pitch your services to British buyers
  • Influence the buying process of UK clients
  • Overcome British sales objections
  • Negotiate business deals with British customers
  • Build trust with British business partners
  • Handle feedback and difficult conversations
  • Avoid common pitfalls in British business
  • Do's and Don'ts in British business
 Choose a course format that fits your requirements and availability. Options include:
  • Workshop over 1-2 days
  • Group or individual sessions of 1-2 hrs
  • Presentation to a large audience of 1-2 hrs
  • In-company location
  • Central London location
  • Virtually (e.g. Video conference call)
Not looking at the UK?
Do you need training on any other countries? Not to worry, we offer training on many other regions worldwide. 
Call us now on 0203 637 3946 or send us an email 
here for services on your target country. 
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