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Who do we work with?

Smit Training Employee Relocation
You have recently relocated to the UK. You are successful and well-liked in your job back home. But things are less smooth now in the UK. Learn how to quickly transfer your skills to the UK workplace and become a successful and valuable employee in your British office. 
Smit Training International Sales
Your clients place great trust in your company and you achieve a strong sales performance back home. But the sales in the UK are not yet taking off as expected. Learn how to build trust and rapport with British clients and get the skills to sell effectively in the UK.
Smit Training Managing international teams
You are a great manager and your employees enjoy working for you back home. But now that you are leading a global team across countries new challenges have arisen. Learn how to quickly transfer your leadership and management skills to successfully lead and inspire your international team.
 Not looking at the UK?
Do you need training on any other countries? Not to worry, we offer training on many other regions worldwide. 
Call us now on 0203 637 3946 or send us an email 
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