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You are a great manager and your employees enjoy working for you back home. But now that you are leading a global team across countries new challenges have arisen. Learn how to quickly transfer your leadership and management skills to successfully lead and inspire your international team.
 Business English Training
You already have an intermediate to advanced level of English thanks to your professional experience back home. But now that you are spending the majority of your time speaking English, you are faced with new situations and require higher proficiency in Business English. Learn how to confidently handle any professional situation through our Business English Training such as
  • Conducting conference calls
  • Holding team meetings
  • Communicating via email
  • Delivering a presentation
  • Writing reports
  • Conducting employee appraisals
 Leading Global Teams
Speaking excellent Business English doesn’t guarantee success in an international working environment. Your international employees don't always do things the way you expected. Physical remoteness and different communication styles create strained team relationships. Results are resistance from your team, divisions between colleagues and delays in reaching project milestones. This lowers productivity and efficiency. Our Leading Global Teams course will help you to understand the cultural norms and the driving forces behind international leadership and compare them to management & business practices back home. You will learn how to build stronger relationships, improve communication and
get better performance from your
international workforce. 
 Not looking at the UK?
Do you need training on any other countries? Not to worry, we offer training on many other regions worldwide. 
Call us now on 0203 637 3946 or send us an email 
here for services on your target country. 
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