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You have recently relocated to the UK. You are successful and well-liked in your job
back home.
But things are less smooth now in the UK. Learn how to quickly transfer your skills to the UK workplace and become a successful and valuable employee in your British office through the following services:
 Business English Training
You already have an intermediate to advanced level of English thanks to your previous professional experience back home. But now that you are spending more time in the UK, you are encountering many more situations held in English. Learn how to confidently handle any professional situation in English such as
  • Conducting conference calls
  • Holding business meetings
  • Communicating via email
  • Delivering a presentation
  • Writing reports
 Working with the British
Speaking excellent Business English doesn’t guarantee success in a British working environment. Your British counterparts don't always react the way you expect, and you are sometimes surprised by their unwritten rules and mindset that don't exist back home. Our Working with the British course will help you to understand the cultural norms and hidden rules in British business. You will learn how to build stronger relationships and communicate more successfully with your British contacts. 
 Not looking at the UK?
Do you need training on any other countries? Not to worry, we offer training on many other regions worldwide. 
Call us now on 0203 637 3946 or send us an email 
here for services on your target country. 
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